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CHER Project in Horsham

The Horsham incinerator is called by the new owners, Qair, the Centre for Horsham Energy Recovery (CHER).

Drop-In Exhibition Saturday 22 April 2023 

Times and venue to be confirmed. Please save the date and go along to find out more about the plans and to ask your questions. A team from Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) who plan to ​construct, run and invest in the incinerator will ​attend ​and the Environment Agency ​will be​ invited. 

​Community Liaison Group (CLG) 

Local residents on the ​Community Liaison Group ​have sent ​Qair ​Questions ​which they would like to discuss with ​them, and 53 Questions ​from our Community ​for them to answer​ through their exhibition, and the FAQ page of the new website, which is to be launched.

There are more local resident spaces available on the CLG, if you are interested please contact us for more information.  

Ni4H Communication with Qair 

Planning Conditions 

A number of planning conditions have now been discharged by WSCC, they can be downloaded from the Post Decision tab here:​


Condition 7 Relates to ​the​ Construction and Environmental Management Plan 

Some key points include:​

Timetable (pages 8 & 9)

  • Enabling Works – to take 3-12 months eg demolition of existing structures, clearance of site
  • Construction Phase 1 – Excavation and Foundations between months 6 to 12
  • Construction Phase 2 – Main Civils Construction between months 8 to 20
  • Construction Phase 3 – Main Mechanical & Electrical Installation between months 13 to 36
  • Construction Phase 4 – Commissioning and Introduction of First Waste between months 36 to 42

​Preliminary commencement ​works at the CHER site ​have ​started​,​ to prepare the site ahead of the main construction.

Sensitive Receptors (pages 111-118)

  • Map showing sensitive receptors on Langhurstwood Road and Station Road (page 111)
  • Noise and dust baseline monitoring, continuous monitoring and periodic monitoring (page 117) 
  • Continuous sound level monitors to be set up on boundary fence (page 114) 
  • Continuous dust level meters to be set up on boundary fence to monitor PM2.5 and PM10 levels (page 115)
  • Contractor Compound (page 124)

If you would like to help our Community Group or have any questions please contact us​.

Email: NoIncinerator4Horsham@gmail.com