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Video from the Ni4H April 2018 campaign against the planning application. Britaniacrest has submitted an appeal against the refusal of the application, so it’s time to say No again to save rural Horsham for future generations and the planet.

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No Incinerator 4 Horsham

Please watch and share and say no again to an industrial incinerator in Horsham and let your councillors and MPs know you object. Deadline 3rd May for objections to WSCC

Posted by NoIncinerator4Horsham on Saturday, April 28, 2018

News story on ITV


Plume Plotter

Website shows current state of air pollution caused by emissions from planned (and existing) incinerators. Created by a non-expert to get an objective idea about the everyday effects of a proposed local incinerator on air quality, now rolled out to many other incinerators and related sources of air pollution.

The Horsham Plume Plotter shows the (predicted) current state of pollution from the proposed incinerator at North Horsham, West Sussex. The red line shows wind direction. Green rings show distance (km). The overlay shows concentration of oxides of nitrogen at ground level. http://plumeplotter.com/horsham/

How Plume Plotter works: http://plumeplotter.com/horsham/howitworks.php 

Animation of proposed Horsham incinerator 2016 plume, showing total amount of oxides of nitrogen reaching ground level, based on the latest (2018) version of the incinerator’s specification, using 2016 weather data from Gatwick Airport, assuming maximum incinerator emission rates.