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More donations and pledges needed by 30th June for Ni4H to robustly oppose plans to build a huge commercial and industrial incinerator in rural Horsham.

• Statement of Case to Planning Inspector by 18 July 2019
• Apply for Rule 6 status with details of case law relied upon 
• Appoint barrister & technical experts by 30 June for 3-week Public Inquiry

Local residents opposed to these plans will only be fully represented at the 3-week Public Inquiry if Ni4H receives sufficient funds. The alternative is a representative of Ni4H speaking for just 3 minutes at the Public Inquiry. 

3 minutes or 3 weeks with technical expert witnesses and reports and Ni4H barrister cross examining other witnesses?


Bank transfer: 100% of your donation goes to Ni4H, as there are no transaction fees.

NatWest: No Incinerator 4 Horsham Community Group.

Sort Code: 53-50-39   Account Number: 55388027

Debit / credit card or PayPal: via website ni4h.org

SHARE PETITION: http://chng.it/CMVhnsRbwp


Website: ni4h.org

Email: NoIncinerator4Horsham@gmail.com

Facebook: No Incinerator 4 Horsham – Appeal Campaign

Twitter: @4Horsham 

Thank you

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