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The Horsham Plume Plotter shows a prediction of the current amount of air pollution (at ground level) caused by emissions from the proposed incinerator at North Horsham.

Plume Plotter predicts this fallout using AERMOD, which is one of the most widely used modelling systems for air pollution. It uses the latest local weather conditions and upper air data, which are obtained in real time. Since the incinerator does not yet exist, Plume Plotter does not use real-time information about its emissions. Instead, it assumes that the incinerator is operating continuously (8760 hours per year) and emitting pollutants at a constant rate. The emission rates assumed are the long-term planned emission rates that were specified by the incinerator developers in their planning application; the other parameters (e.g. emission velocity and temperature) used are also taken directly from the planning application.

Plume Plotter’s model takes account of the real terrain in the vicinity of the incinerator and the shape of the incinerator buildings.

Disclaimer: While we believe that our predictions are as accurate as possible using the resources and information available to us, we make no claims or guarantees made about the correctness of the information presented on this website.

Plume Plotter has been running since 2015 as a free service to local residents and groups interested in the fallout from their local incinerator or other source of air pollution.


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  • John Andrew

    says on:
    June 29, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    I moved from Croydon because of the problems associated with the incinerator there, the main problem is that because the truck feeder drivers are on a load based pay scale, the more deliveries they can get in on a working day, the more they are paid. the drivers are very knowledgeable on the area, and they know where the “Rat Runs” are and even if there is a weight restriction or a width restriction on a road they take no notice of it.
    In the road we lived in the council put a width restriction of 2.0M and backed that up with metal bollards put into the ground, that lasted about 2 weeks, then a 42 Tonne truck decided to take a short cut up the road and ripped them straight out the ground, needless to say they were not replaced by the council.
    Also the police don’t seem to take any action, you never saw a law officer anywhere in the vicinity, and as far as I know no one has been charged with a breach of the width or weight restrictions.
    So look forward to having 42 tonne dump trucks running up and down your bye roads at any speed, as 20/30MPH mean nothing to these drivers, they have a 42 Tonne truck you have a car, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!
    And don’t even try walking, cycling or horse riding anywhere around these truckers, as they won’t see you.

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