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Please comment on the response from the Environment Agency to the letter we sent regarding our ongoing concerns

9th June 2021 Letter from Ni4H to the Environment Agency:


1 July 2021 Response from the Environment Agency:

Dear Peter

Thank you for your letter of 9 June 2021 about our consultation on the environmental permit variation application made by Britaniacrest Recycling Limited for their operation at Brookhurstwood near Horsham.

We have produced a paper copy of the application documents and this is available to view by appointment at Horsham Library. We have extended the consultation deadline from midnight on 24 June 2021 until midnight 16 July 2021 to allow time for viewing and submission of comments.

The documents referred to as ‘missing’ are on our on-line consultation tool ‘Citizen Space’. The hyperlinks do not work following submission of documents to us, so these items are included as individual documents. Appendix Q refers to the certificates relating to the site management systems, procedures manual and integrated management system. The existing environmental permit is not a document we would require to be submitted with the variation application. Please find attached a copy in response to your request. Any new documents added to Citizen Space will state the date added in their title.

We are not responsible for how, when or if Britaniacrest Recycling Limited may choose to engage with the community and this is outside of the scope of this permit application determination.

A non-technical summary is required for duly making and the content, including relevance, is not fully assessed until determination. Determination has not commenced yet and detailed assessment of the documents and operator competence will only be undertaken at that stage.

The consultation period has been extended until midnight 16 July 2021. We have also included an address for any handwritten consultation responses. We do not take verbal consultation responses as we could not guarantee an accurate capture of the response. You should also be aware that there will be another opportunity to comment once our ’minded to’ decision is published. At this time, Citizen Space would be re-opened and you will be able to review all the documents again, including any additional documents that have been submitted during the determination work. We are currently not able to provide an indication on when this will be.

You also requested details of our complaints process, this can be accessed at  https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency/about/complaints-procedure

Yours faithfully

Customers & Engagement Team

Environment Agency | Solent and South Downs Area 

Public Consultation Ends midnight Friday 16 July

Please send the Environment Agency your questions and concerns by midnight Friday 16 July 2021, when their High Public Interest Consultation on the permit application ends.

You can comment online, by email or post. All the details are here:

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