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Comments welcome on the response from the Environment Agency received on 16 July 2021 to our complaint letter sent on 12 July 2021

Dear Mr Catchpole

Thank you for your letter of 12 July 2021 sent to our Director of Operations, Catherine Fileman-Wright and our Enquiries Unit, and for your further email of 14 July 2021 to SSD Enquiries and Catherine Fileman-Wright. These were in relation to the environmental permit variation made by Britaniacrest Recycling Limited for their operation at Brookhurstwood, near Horsham. Catherine has read your letters and has asked me to respond.

Thank you for drawing our attention to the notice on the link below that stated that the consultation period had ended. This has now been updated.


This notice should have been updated when we extended the consultation to 16 July 2021. This was an oversight on our part. Because this did not happen, the consultation will remain open for a further two weeks, closing at midnight on Monday 2 August 2021. We are making the necessary arrangements to extend the consultation and we will be informing the original consultees of the new closing date, as we did last time.

We value your feedback and comments made about our customer service and the detail provided on the areas in which you feel improvements could be made, based on your own experiences. We will share this feedback with the appropriate teams.

We recognise that you still have a concerns about this permit variation. We would refer you to our previous responses. Technical assessment and competence assessments will be carried out by our specialists during the determination stage of assessing this permit variation.

We note you request details of an individual name and contact number for correspondence. We are not able to provide this as all responses are a reflection of a joint response from a number of teams and specialists. Sending your letters to the SSD Enquiries email address will ensure these are logged and actioned by the most appropriate officer(s) avoiding undue delays, for example, due to holiday or illness.

The consultation will close at midnight on Monday 2 August 2021. As previously advised, if we decide that the application has provided sufficient information for us to determine the facility will not cause significant harm to the environment or people’s health, we will issue our draft decision for consultation. This will give you the opportunity to examine and make comments on our decision document and on the conditions we are minded to include in the draft permit. We will consider these comments before making our final decision. If we decide to refuse the permit variation, Britaniacrest Recycling Limited have the right to appeal this decision.

Yours sincerely

Michael Turner

Area Environment Manager (East)
Solent & South Downs

Chartered Water and Environment Manager (C.WEM, MCIWEM, CEnv)

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