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“This transaction gives Qair access to … all the rights to the 3Rs Energy from Waste (EfW) project at the company’s Wealden Works site near Horsham located just 35 miles from central London.” 

“Qair targets financial close for the EfW project in 2023 and expects the plant to produce its first megawatt-hours in 2026. Qair is already engaged in serious discussions with a major EPC contractor.”

Planning permission was granted subject to conditions in February 2020, following the Public Inquiry but an environmental permit is also required to operate the proposed Horsham incinerator. 

Environmental Permit Variation Application EPR/CB3308TD/V002 was made by Britaniacrest Recycling Ltd. Ni4H has written to the Environment Agency (EA) as local residents are very concerned to know:
• Will the new company owner need to apply for a permit?
• What is the Operator Competence of the new owner in the UK?

Given the number of issues and concerns raised and still outstanding, Ni4H has again requested that the EA issue another draft document and permit for public consultation before the final decision is made and sent a copy of the letter to our MP, Jeremy Quin. 

Ni4H is seeking further expert and legal advice. 

Government intervention will aim to divert waste away from landfill and incineration… Disposal methods at the bottom of the waste hierarchy such as landfill, incineration and RDF are associated with higher greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the levels of waste being disposed of via these residual waste methods will lead to an increase in the reuse, repair and remanufacture of materials and move England’s waste system to a more circular economy.

Source: Resource efficiency and waste reduction targets – Impact Assessment (Pages 48 and 49). Available from: 


Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
28 April 2022

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