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Community Liaison Group

Planning permission was granted by The Planning Inspectorate on 27th February 2020, subject to a number of planning conditions, Condition 10 requires the establishment of a local liaison group.

The remit of the existing Community Liaison Group (CLG) is expanding in terms of representation and scope, to include representation from Horsham town and Mowbray. The Group meets quarterly although the terms of reference allow for the frequency to be set by the Liaison Group itself.

The membership will comprise the following:

Local Residents – a maximum of eight
Local Elected Representatives – one from each of North Horsham Parish Council, Warnham Parish Council, Rusper Parish Council, Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council
The Company – three representatives

Other stakeholders such as:

• West Sussex County Council Waste Management
• Horsham District Council Environmental Health Department
• The Environment Agency
• Other business or community groups
• Special interest groups
• The County Planning Authority

may attend the Group as permanent representatives on the invitation of the Group.

See Condition 10 Community Liaison Group for Details

Consider Joining the Community Liaison Group

If you are interested in joining the CLG, to help represent local residents, business, community or special interest groups, we can put you in contact with existing members of the CLG for further information.

Email: noincinerator4horsham@gmail.com