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Community Questions

Compiled from the many questions received from around the local community, representing genuine concerns from local people, Community Questions were sent by local resident members of the Community Liaison Group (CLG) to Qair on 21 February 2023. 

Response from Qair

“Following the last CLG meeting I was presented with questions from the local community collated by members of this group.

We have responded to each point in the attached document.

We hope this answers the questions from the community in a satisfactory way and should there be any further questions, please visit our project website https://cher.energy/ where there is information available and a way of contacting us should there be any further questions.”

Project Director Energy-from-Waste, Qair, 27 March 2023

Community Response

Local residents copied this information into a document, with an added column for comments or further questions for clarification.

Ni4H Response Appendix 2 is referred to in Question 36.

Public Exhibition – Your Questions & Concerns

Come along to the Public Exhibition to discuss your questions and concerns.