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The waste industry has had a change of heart and now welcomes paying for the carbon emissions of incineration but are its fears over landfill leakage well-founded?

Plans for the inclusion of all waste incineration and energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities in the UK Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) have been described by the waste trade body the Environmental Services Association (ESA), as “the most significant regulatory intervention to the UK waste industry in a generation”.

The proposals will see waste incineration brought into the scheme by 2028 and appears to be the greatest waste policy intervention since the landfill tax was introduced in 1996 – a policy which had the effect of making incineration by far the most financially viable option for waste disposal.

Read the ENDS Report by Conor McGlone 12 Oct 2023 here:


We wonder what impact this will have on the financial viability of the proposed Horsham incinerator, West Sussex County Council’s waste disposal policy and recycling rates.